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Dr. Karzan Kadhim Hussien

Dr. Karzan Kadhim Hussien


Dr. Karzan graduated from Hawler Medical University in 2007 and obtained a certified Iraqi board degree in Pediatric Surgery in 2016. He is actively engaged in his field, with notable participation in several international and local events. These include his involvement in the 6th World Congress of the World Organization of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons in Qatar, becoming a member of WOFAPS in 2019. Dr. Karzan further developed his skills through a Pediatric Urology Workshop and attended various conferences such as HYPOALEX in Egypt, the Erbil Peduro conference in Iraq, the Growth Summit MENAP in Dubai, and the 2nd Mediterranean Pediatric Congress in Turkey. His participation in these events has enabled him to always stay up to date with the latest methods and technologies.

Committed to creating a leap in the field of dentistry in the Middle East.

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