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Committed to creating a leap in the field of Industry in the middle east, VANEST provides advanced learning courses and trainings for postgraduates to introduce global methods, raising the region’s standards and expectations.


VANEST was initially established as a learning destination for postgraduate doctors who are seeking further education in their designated fields. Since 2017, VANEST has offered various training courses that covered a wide range of topics in the field of dentistry, from treatment methods and cosmetic surgeries to the fine art of the different types of braces. And to further support their education journeys, VANEST often held practical workshops to help the doctors implement the newest methods into real-life practices. We’ve always hoped to change the expectations of the dentistry field in Iraq and Kurdistan and the middle east, that’s why VANEST has held many national and international conferences with over 2000 doctors attending and discussing many topics and issues and ways to resolve them all in order to provide the best services for the patients.


Our team consists of experts that have worked in many fields and have the needed skills to pass on the information and reshare them with aspiring dentists to help them in their journey to achieve higher standards in dentistry.

Dr. Jegr Darbandi

Dr. Mohammed Hamawandi

Values and Mission

Mission: VANEST’s mission is to help postgraduate doctors in Iraq, Kurdistan, and the Middle East to become the skilled dentists they are meant to be. We want to provide them with the knowledge and training to offer the best dental care possible.

Vision: Our vision is to transform dentistry in the region by creating a community of well-prepared and committed dentists.

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Committed to creating a leap in the field of dentistry in the Middle East.

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